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Company Overview
Welcome to IR Solutions!
IR Solutions was founded on the premise that the rise of the Internet would create pressures on corporations to do everything better, cheaper, and faster-from delivering results, to developing new products, to adapting to shifting industry dynamics.

The regulatory demands to disseminate information more broadly and openly has created a tremendous need for companies to communicate more effectively with the investment community while at the same time remaining focused on their core businesses.

To help companies meet these demands, IR Solutions provides companies with a suite of Web-based Interactive solutions, including Interactive Annual Reports and Interactive Investor Kits. Today IR Solutions is the leading provider of online global investor relations and investment information services that attract and retain investors for public companies.

Regulation FD and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act have now made Web sites mission critical applications for public companies. New SEC regulations and exchange listing requirements have increased the importance of the Internet as a disclosure vehicle. And a heightened scrutiny of issuer corporate governance has required companies to become more open and transparent.

To give our existing and potential clients a direct link to a broad network of institutional investors, IR Solutions provides the most comprehensive source of customized, financial-related corporate information including annual reports and firm-wide data solutions including custom firm sites and data feeds. Today, thousands of users from leading buy- and sell-side institutions access our comprehensive collection of financial-related corporate information.

IR Solutions is also uniquely positioned to help public companies reach the ever-growing force of individual investors through AnnualReports.com. IR Solutions provides corporate data and other financial information to a vast audience of Internet users helping companies comply with the increasing pressures for full and fair disclosure from the SEC.

With these elements of our service offerings, IR Solutions has become the leading provider of online global investor relations and investment information services that attract and retain investors for public companies.

I am fortunate to be collaborating with the strongest management team I have ever worked with, one that I believe is unique for a company in our industry and at our stage of development. And I continue to be amazed by the energy, enthusiasm and accomplishments of our employees, whose passionate commitment to harnessing the power of the Internet to revolutionize communications between public companies and the investment community has made IR Solutions what it is today.

Moving forward, IR Solutions will continue to add new features, innovations, mediums, partners and content, both in the US and overseas in direct response to the needs of our customers. We are always open to new ideas and suggestions from our customers, users, employees, shareholders and other interested parties. IR Solutions is all about participation by the entire investment community, and I invite you to be a part of it.

Jeff Eichel
Chief Executive Officer
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