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IR Solutions Launches InvestorFactSheets.com

Online investor fact sheet service to become largest worldwide with over 300 public companies participating

Weston, FL, May 14, 2004 - IR Solutions (www.irsolutions.com), the leading provider of global investor relations and investment information services that attract and retain investors for public companies, today announced it has launched InvestorFactSheets.com. This site will enable IR Solutions to expand its shareholder communications services. The investor fact sheet has become an essential tool of investor communications. A fact sheet tells a company's story, providing an up-to-date "snapshot" of where a company is and where it's going. The key sections are: Company Profile, Market Facts, Financial Highlights, Forward Strategy, and Management. Investor fact sheets are an excellent way to familiarize your self with a company before you invest.

InvestorFactSheets.com will be the leading provider of online investor fact sheets to individual and institutional investors. InvestorFactSheets.com provides investors access to corporate information at the point they are researching your company to make an investment decision. Through the award winning website, partnerships, and vast network of individual investors, InvestorFactSheets.com will help thousands of companies expand their reach to serious investors.

"The launch of this premier financial content website, InvestorFactSheets.com will help IR Solutions increase its reach to potential investors by expanding its shareholder communications services which already include AnnualReports.com and securing its position as the leading shareholder communications provider" said Jeff Eichel, CEO of IR Solutions. "The combination of AnnualReports.com and InvestorFactSheets.com will strengthen the mission of IR Solutions to attract and retain investors for public companies worldwide."

The launch of InvestorFactSheets.com will allow IR Solutions to expand its shareholder communications services to include additional corporations in both the U.S. and Europe, yielding a capacity of over 300 companies participating worldwide. InvestorFactSheets.com users will benefit by having free access to the world's largest archive of investor fact sheets.

About IR Solutions:
IR Solutions (www.irsolutions.com) is the leading provider of global investor relations and investment information services that attract and retain investors for public companies. Today, IR Solutions is a leading provider of Web-based solutions for the investment community, offering services that transform the way companies communicate and meet disclosure requirements while assisting investors in managing and leveraging this information. IR Solutions services include AnnualReports.com, InvestorFactSheets.com, interactive documents, and disclosure services. Corporate communications professionals from over 2,000 companies use IR Solutions to deliver critical information via interactive and multi-media solutions. For more information, please visit www.irsolutions.com.

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