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Company Overview
Reach Investors with Interactive HTML Annual Reports
IR Solutions has created a turn-key solution that has revolutionized the way investors interact with your financial documents - annual reports, 10K wraps, proxy statements, 8Ks, etc. Our unique conversion and distribution system makes your documents more portable than HTML and less bulky than PDF, while adding a number of other valuable features. Important information exists in your annual report, but can be very difficult for investors to access and locate when it is hidden inside a large PDF documents. The IR Solutions Interactive HTML Annual Report is fast becoming the standard for financial report publications online.

IR Solutions conversion service provides a wide range of benefits to corporations, shareholders, analysts, and others who visit corporate web sites. Our cost-effective interactive version of your financial report includes the following range of features:

  • "Click & Go" navigation
  • Accelerated page loading
  • Exact replica of your printed report
  • Easy integration
  • Adds additional benefits to your AnnualReports.com subscription
  • Fastest Turnaround Time
  • Text Search Capabilities
"Click & Go" one click navigation
IR Solutions documents offer our powerful "Click & Go" and easy-to-use navigation system. Your web site visitors can find any section of the financial document with just 1 click of the mouse.

Accelerated page loading
Traditional PDF documents require special plug-ins and generally require a long time to download. Many investors do not have fast broadband connections to allow for fast downloads of large, bulky PDF documents. IR Solutions Interactive Html documents load one page at a time, thus improving the experience for your shareholders, analysts, or other readers.

Exact replica of your printed report
The IR Solutions Interactive HTML financial document is an exact match to the printed version. This benefit eliminates time-consuming proof reading which is usually associated with making documents available online.

Easy Integration
Our Interactive HTML financial document can be easily integrated into your website. We will supply you with all the necessary files that need to be uploaded to your corporate website. If you have a third party vendor host your website you can forward the files to them and they will put them in the appropriate location. You can have your Interactive HTML document up and running in less than 5 minutes.

Adds additional benefits to your AnnualReports.com subscription
Now besides having your Interactive HTML annual report available on your website, include this valuable document on your AnnualReports.com company page. Along with making the PDF document available, investors will appreciate including an Interactive HTML Annual Report. Allow your report to be seen by thousands of potential investors in this easy to use format.

Search Capabilities
The IR Solutions Interactive HTML financial document allows text searching by keyword. Users of the Interactive HTML financial document find this feature essential for all online documents.

Fastest Turnaround Time
IR Solutions requires only a copy of your PDF document to get started. We will provide you with our completed Interactive HTML financial document within 2-3 business days.

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Contact IR Solutions
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