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Transforming the way companies communicate.
Company Overview
Investor Relations in the Internet age brings with it new challenges -- 24/7 pressures from the media, demanding net-savvy individual investors and complex SEC regulatory forces. InvestorFactSheets.com helps bridge the gap between publicly traded companies and the investor.

What is InvestorFactSheets.com?
For educated investors, a company's annual report is the most important research tool available. The annual report enables investors to stay up to date on a company's yearly outlook. Since 1999, InvestorFactSheets.com has successfully introduced new investors to the thousands of companies that participate in our program.

InvestorFactSheets.com was created to give investors a direct link to a broad network of publicly traded companies. InvestorFactSheets.com is an online directory of corporate fact sheets gathered directly from public companies and Wall Street's leading investment firms.

Today, thousands of users from individual investors to leading financial institutions log on to InvestorFactSheets.com to access the largest library of corporate fact sheets.

In today's around the clock society, investors need information instantly, thus InvestorFactSheets.com began providing investors with our corporate fact sheet directory. Since our inception InvestorFactSheets.com has fed the individual and institutional investors appetite for financial knowledge.

Today, we are the leader in linking direct communications from a company to its investors. InvestorFactSheets.com is the most comprehensive online corporate fact sheet directory available anywhere.

InvestorFactSheets.com is the first website to allow individual investors, money managers, shareholders, company employees, and financial institutions instant access to corporate fact sheets in their actual format in one location.

InvestorFactSheets.com's Services Offered
Corporate Fact Sheet Directory Membership: Enjoy the valuable benefits of a year membership to America's largest online corporate fact sheet directory. Our exclusive directory allows many benefits to our participating companies including a market reach of individual investors, money managers, shareholders, company employees, and financial institutions. Membership has also allowed our clients to save thousands of dollars in unnecessary printing and fulfillment costs. Having the corporate fact sheets available in their actual format online allows investors to view and print the fact sheet directly from the web. This cuts down on hard copy requests and allowing InvestorFactSheets.com to remain ecologically and financially friendly.

InvestorFactSheets.com's Customers Served
InvestorFactSheets.com's service is the industry standard for corporate fact sheet related information. Individual and Institutional investors rely on InvestorFactSheets.com as their single comprehensive source for corporate fact sheets. Our individual investor service is provided free through InvestorFactSheets.com. Our institutional investor service is provided on a monthly subscription basis to thousands of analysts and portfolio managers as well as on a firm-wide data-feed basis.

ROI Monthly Activity Reports
As a client of InvestorFactSheets.com, you will receive a monthly activity report showing quantitative utilization statistics of downloads and views of your corporate fact sheet. Access to this detailed investor information helps you analyze, target and connect with your investor audience.

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